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i would like a legitimate explanation to this phenomena 

But cultural appropriation is not bad because it’s triggering. It’s problematic because most cases it takes something sacred or something cultural that the people who own it get made fun of for and turns it into something trendy. It takes something special and makes it meaningless. White people find this hard to understand because we have no culture and nothing is sacred to us really. The result is that it slowly becomes normalized. Yoga is a very spiritual thing but it’s slowly became mainstream and a fun way to stay on shape for white women.

Woah Woah Woah Woah.

I’m sorry if you aren’t in touch with your culture. But “whitepeople” have fucking culture. Multiple cultures, which would be more obvious if you stopped lumping us into one pasty lump of “privileged cunty flaps”

I’m Irish, we have a history and a culture unique to us, that is WORLD FAMOUS. How can you say that white people don’t have culture, and then turn around a celebrate St. Patricks day?

Heard of Guiness?

How about Druids?

How about the Fae? Púca? Cú Chulainn? The Fomorians?  Lugthe Mórrígan? Aengus and Manannan?

Fuck off and stop ERASING MY CULTURE

"My culture is world famous"
"stop erasing my culture"

You may have misunderstood those statements

My culture is world famous refers to the fact that Irish festivals and traditions are celebrated worldwide.

You erasing my culture refers to the fact that you said “White people find this hard to understand because we have no culture”

Which was my whole point, the whole world knows about Irish culture, yet you tried to act like there is no Irish culture, let alone any other cultures among those within the caucasian genetic spectrum.

I really hope you aren’t referring to eating corned beef and cabbage and singing Danny Boy on a holiday that celebrates the Saint that drove the “snakes” out of Ireland

By a lesser degree maybe (although danny boy is actually an english song, set to an Irish tune)

But you know, I included a list of things in my original reply, even a few links to mythological figures. But hey, lets throw in a few more shall we?

We have our own Language, we have our own folk music and dance,

Oh Hey, You know Halloween? it’s Irish (Also, pronounce Saowen, not Sam Hain, despite what american television might tell you)

The Book of Kells

Ogham (Pronounce “Ohm” or “Ohwem”)

The Hill of Tara

These are all things of Irish culture, and Celtic culture as an extension, I urge you to read those links, and see the culture you wish to dismiss as nothing more than “corned beef and cabbage” (which isn’t Irish), or leprechauns who dance around with pots of gold saying “Top o tha mornin” to anyone who passes (Which is kind of Irish, but has been blown waaaay out of proportion, as you can probably tell because in my list of celtic mythological creatures and figure I completely forgot about them)

Leprechauns (Seen as they are so famous elswhere in the world)

My main point, is that I am not white, I am Irish (among other things). I am not determined by my skin colour, I am determined by my thoughts, my feelings, my culture

Above all else, who am, is determined by ME, not your archaic, racist system of segregation and conglomeration. 

I’m not white, I’m irish?

That’s like saying I’m not blonde, I have a belly button. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

The two are not mutually exclusive, but they also aren’t actually linked. I went to school with two (out of 14) children who were black. They were also fluent in Irish Gaelic and the sister was a frequent winner of any local Fleadh Ceol.

They were not white, but by GODS were they Irish.

If you look around in Ireland, you see hundreds of different skin tones, yet ask and 90% will tell you that they’re Irish, regardless of the colour of their skin.

Ireland is a geographical location, the culture is tied to that location, not the colour of someones skin, or the country their ancestors descended from (although they are perfectly allowed claim that culture if they wish)

So then irish culture isn’t white culture then? It’s irish culture? Great, thanks for adding nothing and derailing this post

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